Apple Announced the IOS 7

At the World Wide Developer Conference on June 10 2013, Apple announced their new Apple OS, The IOS 7. It is the latest of Apple’s operating systems for mobiles running, iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone.
Before the announcement it was rumoured that this Apple OS will follow in the footsteps of the desktop operating systems from Apple. Some of the major new features of the iOS 7 include:
• Multi-tasking for all apps, with intelligent background updating.
• Control Center with quick access to all major controls
• Safari unifies Google search and search history
• Airdrop for easier sharing
• Photos includes anew photo app and new shared photo streams
• Siri is a new male voice and a lot more intelligent in controlling a mobile device. Integrates Bing, Wikipedia and twitter, except Google.
• IOS in the car will allow for your mobile device’s interface to appear on the car’s navigation screen and partnered with more than 10 major manufacturers of car navigators.
• Activation Lock will allow a phone to be permanently locked when stolen and phone cannot be reactivated
• Music is an updated with iTunes radio and even allows you to create your own radio station with all your favourite songs or bands. It is ad free and a free app, but for starters it will only be available to United States users.
• App store is a new location dependent and automatic app updating available.
• FaceTime audio
• Notification syncs across all devices
• Per-app VPN
• New APIs for developers
• All folders can now have pages
The appearance of the new Apple OS is the appearance of the IOS 7 and when a user changes the wallpaper of the device it completely changes the phone’s appearance. This is because of the theme-like approach they used as the change of wallpaper affect the way the phone react and also the elements of the phone look and react differently.

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