Apple OS X Mavericks

Apple just revealed at the WWDC developer’s conference that their new operating system for Mac users would be available in September 2013. The official name for the latest Apple OS is the OS X Mavericks. It is quite a surprise with the name, as we all know Apple’s operating systems have cat names.
Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard, Tiger, panther, Jaguar, Puma and Cheetah are the names of Apple OS. It is a complete break in Apple’s pattern to call their latest Mavericks. Word in the Apple camp is that Apple has decided to name all their new releases after California locations, as Maverick is a Californian surfer’s beach, but it is yet to be seen.
Some enhancements in the ne Apple OS X Maverick are for example the Tags. With the new Tags system a user will be able to add metadata to any kind of file regardless where the file is located, applications, pictures or Word for example. At present Tags will not completely replace folders, but it is expected in the future, but for now, it is just an addition to the new Apple OS.
The Calendar is another upgrade in the Apple OS X Maverick and users will not have to click to page the calendar anymore, but it is scrollable. Another added feature on the Calendar is an event inspector with a popup feature and integration with map information, weather forecasts, and travel time all within the calendar.
A tabbed Finder is now built into the ne Apple OS and users will not have to buy and install this TotalFinder Mac app anymore. Another new feature is the iCloud Keychain as a password manager and it saves username and password combination on Safari as well as the ability to regenerate unique password without using the same ones again.

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