How to Update Software for Apple OS X

If you have Apple OS X Mountain Lion on your system you can follow the next steps to update your system and for apps you use the Mac App Store to get OS X updates.
1. Your first step is to go to the Apple menu, where you choose Software Update.
2. The Apple’s Operating Systems menu software update will automatically check for any available update. The Software Update window appears and you choose the items and click install.
3. Next you enter the administrator’s name and password.
4. You will be required to restart your computer after installation for updates to take effect.

Apps which were purchased from Mac Apple Store
Software updates for apps purchased from the Mac Apps Store does not appear in the Software Update menu. Updating purchased Apps require the opening of the App Store on your system, after which you click on Updates. It will show all the available updates of Apps which you have on your Apple OS.
How to Schedule updates
In your Software Update window found in System Preferences you are allowed to schedule automatic updates. The Apple OS by default does a weekly update, but allows you to change the intervals to monthly or daily if it your preference. Scheduled checks for updates available can also be turned off completely. Apple’s Operating Systems of the OS X v10.5 and later will allow you to download only very important updates automatically and you will be reminded when it is ready to be installed.
Software updates can also be hidden if you choose not to update certain features that are not important to you. A standalone installer is often more useful for Apple OS when you need to do installing on multiple computers and need portable files, have no Internet connection or have faster internet connection on a computer other than the one you want to update.

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