Migrating from Windows to Apple OS

When migrating from Windows to Apple’s OS beware of the consequences and be prepared to look for workarounds for your software, especially if you are a serial blogger, writer, and social media content provider.
The design, weight, ergonomic feel, and ease of use are what set the MacBook pro series apart from other laptops. Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer! Arguably the greatest blog writing tool ever made. Unfortunately, for Steve Jobs this amazing software is not available for Apple OS.
MacJournal, the next best thing for WLW, which is smooth and operational. It offers a great l typing experience and relative ease of use. For those of your who are contemplating whether you should migrate over to a completely different operating system, and are not sure how much software you’ll be able to migrate over to your MacBook, ask a sales support representatives first.
Partitioning your hard drive on your Mac is possible, and is a doable option of you have the patience and technical ability to do it. This is done by downloading a program called VMware which partitions off your hard drive by allocating space for your window’s software. How much space is allocated is up to you. You may not like the idea of having to run two separate operating systems; do not need the clutter and the extra strain onyour brand new MacBook. But, it is something worthwhile to invest in. At any rate, I gave up a lot when I walked away from Window’s Live Writer. MacJournal was a waste of money. I didn’t like the user-interface. The whole thing was slow and clunky. It wasn’t as robust and streamline as the Window’s Live Writer.
My idea of an excellent blog writer software is one that allows you smooth transition between the software and the blogging platform. For example, you should be able to arrange the layout of the blog template directly from the software first and then press one button to submit the post write into the blogging platform easily.

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