Why a Mac is such an Advanced Operating System

Mac is one of the most powerful computers today simply because it has an Apple OS and specifically the Apple OS X Mountain Lion. Apple’s operating systems delivers unparalleled security, stunning graphics and amazing performance.
The software and hardware on an Apple OS is created by the same manufacturer, delivering a fully integrated system with everything working together perfectly with excellent performance. A Mac notebook for example comes with a multi-touch track pad with more than enough space to tap, swipe and pinch any of the apps on the system. Apple OS X has a great battery life as the screen dims automatically in low-light conditions and between keystrokes, there are even regulating processor activity.
Apple’s operating systems are designed to be intuitive and simple for ultimate performance. The apple OS X is built on a time-tested, rock-solid UNIX foundation providing unparalleled stability. The safety features designed with the apple OS X constantly update, encrypt, and scrutinize all technologies in keeping your computer safe.
The gatekeeper is a special feature of the Apple OS in protection against downloading and installing of malicious software on your computer. It gives added control over apps installed or downloaded. Apple OS X has features such as password assistant for locking out identity thieves, built-in encryption technologies, and anti-phishing technology from Safari in protection against fraudulent websites.
File vault 2 is also built-in and encrypts data with XTS-AES 128 encryption, which is unobtrusive and fast. Time machine is another built-in feature making the operating system different to others for encryption of removable drives, backups and easily backup external drives. Parental control preferences in the OS X is very valuable for parents wanting to keep an eye on where their children visit online even when they are not around to do so personally.

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